Video Testimonial

Great comfort knowing professionals monitor my home

My name is John Moore and I’m an insurance agent here in Round Rock, Texas. I recommend Jack Grimm and Securimax to every single one of my customers. I’ve been a customer of Securimax for about five years now and it has been a fantastic experience. I love the fact that I can go out of town or leave the house and I know that my home is being monitored by true professionals. If the police need to be called out on an issue or if a fire department needs to be called out on an issue, I know that it can happen very quickly without my intervention. I’ve really enjoyed having Jack Grimm and Securimax service my home, and my burglar alarm in my home automation. It’s been such a fantastic experience. Thank you so much, Securimax for your professionalism and promptness to answer all my questions. So thank you so much. Take care.

John Moore, Insurance Agent
Round Rock, TX

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