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Highly Recommended by My Neighbor, Now I know Why!

Hi, I’m Ellen, and I live in Hutto, Texas recently. I had an experience at my front door that frankly scared me, and although I have had a security system at my house, I wasn’t happy with it, and I wasn’t happy with their response when I called to upgrade or be more secure in my house. I talked with some neighbors. They gave me some excellent, excellent recommendations for Jack Graham and Securimax, and so I gave him a call. Jack himself came out, gave me a quote, and we talked over what I wanted, worked out what I needed versus what would be an upsell, and found the exact right system for me, nothing more than I needed, but it’s affordable. The installer came out. I’ve had it almost a week now, love, love, love it; it feels so safe and secure. Excellent for me and my situation. So if you live in central Texas, if you’re interested in getting a security system or upgrading your security system, give Jack at Securimax a call. I think you’ll be very pleased. I highly recommend it. Thank you.

Ellen Crane

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