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Jack is amazing! The product is amazing!

Hello Sergio. I’m a new customer of Securimax. And Jack Greene and his team uh personally I updated my system and security system from A. D. T. I was not happy with them and I’m very happy with the decision we made to choose Securimax. Jack has been really patient, explained to us all the different options that we that we have available with him in terms of security and monitoring, and home automation. And it was just amazing installation. I mean they did things that I was I was not even expected because they saw on issues that you know I didn’t discuss with Jack and they took care of that while installation. So they are very professional uh in that regard. And in all of that they you know explain all the things to us in terms of you know the panel, the application in the cell phones, they set up the phones for me and my wife and also you know they explained the application in the in the in the laptop in a computer. The application is super easy to use and also is very flexible if you go to the version of the app. The panel is amazing. One of things I love about the panel which ADT didn’t have is the fact is if you go with one of the you know doorbells that Securimax provides, Jack provides, they hook it up to the panel and you’re able to answer the phone right there on the planet which is something that I really wanted to have for our situation. And you know, the price, it was good, it was a good price. I mean that’s what I was expecting in terms of that. But I’m very happy with our program. We have the service that they have they gave us and they keep giving us because, you know, I keep bothering Jack every single now, every now and then, and the application itself is just amazing. Actually, what happened to me is that I just had just very few things in mind, which is what I got. But now after seeing how well the application works and how well the and monitoring system works. I’m just looking forward to, you know, starting next year pretty soon, hopefully, I will get, you know, more, more stuff, more toys to play with. I’m very happy with the way things work. Give them a call. You will not regret that there they are a great company. Jack is amazing. He seems amazing. And the product they have is amazing. You won’t regret it, give them a call.

Sergio Castillo Gonzalez
Round Rock, TX

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