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Security with a Personal touch

Hi, I’m Brooke and this is Ryan and we bought a house about a year ago in Pflugerville and noticed during the past year, just a little bit more of an increase in crime in the area with some cops and at some houses down the road with some renters that moved in next door. There have been a bit shady and being told by police to maybe keep an eye on them because they could be involved in some car thieving. We’re in a very nice part of Pflugerville, in the suburbs, but we really wanted a little bit more peace of mind, and to find some kind of security system that would work for us. One of the big things that this company went above and beyond with was having the president come out and speak to us specifically for the entire sales page. Really actually get to know us and know our needs, know us as people having that personal touch really made a difference. And all the technology is cutting edge and it’s nice to be able to view everything from outside the house. Be able to check on Brooke if I’m ever away. I mean just peace of mind overall and feeling like you’re going with a good company that will be there to help you if something goes wrong as well with the system and make the updates and really cares about the level of service. They’re providing all the customer service has been local guys when we called the phone in the area, they’re ready to come out and help on anything we needed. Everything is accessible through the app, so garage doors, doorbell cams, video cameras, every temperature, thermostat, everything you control online. And it’s just so convenient. And we could not be happier with choosing Securimax for our home security system. So thank you Securimax.

Brooke Hundley

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