Video Testimonial

The system is simple, we feel safer

My name is Michael. I live in Killeen and I had Securimax come out to my house to install some home security for me and the children. We had been hearing about some break-ins in the neighborhood. We were really concerned because we had just moved into this neighborhood and we want to keep the kids safe. So we had them come out. They came out very quickly. They were able to do installation also very quickly. It was kind of mind-blowing quickly and still be able to explain everything how it works and walk us through the system. It’s easy to understand. I love the system. It’s pretty simple. We’re able to use it from our phones, even if we’re away from the house, it still communicates with the house and overall we’re very happy with it. We really do love it. As a nurse, I work nights. So it’s important for me to feel safe, you know, with my family being at home and me not being there. I’m able to see when the system is being armed, disarmed to any of that, we’re able to give out a code to our guests that’s temporary or we can make it permanent. We’re able to say what times we want their codes to work. If we only want them to come over on Saturdays or whatever the case we’re able to set it that way. This is a really unique interesting system. We really do like it. Thank you so much for coming out and thank you for helping us.

Michael Parham
Killeen, TX

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