Video Testimonial

They are local & didn’t over sell us!

Hello. We’re the Moseley’s, Ray and Donna Mosley. We have just switched to Securimax. We have had experience with big alarm companies and because of the lack of service went to a smaller one and that smaller company got bought out and provided no service. And we went to Securimax because one, they’re local, two, they promised our contract would not be sold and three, they worked with us for our needs and they didn’t try to oversell. So we are most pleased with Jack Grimm and his team at Securimax. And Ameal is the one who did our system installed it for us, taught us, trained us. He was very careful in every step. He was knowledgeable about what he was doing. He asked us questions along the way, to make sure he was putting it where we wanted it. And he made sure that we knew exactly how to use the system before he left and said we could call him anytime we needed to. Thank you.

Ray & Donna Mosley
Austin, TX

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