Video Testimonial

We are extremely pleased with the company

My name is Tia Burt and I live in Pflugerville. We are new customers of Securimax Security systems. We were extremely impressed with Jack and his team and getting our new system installed in our home. I’m out here by our new video doorbell which was an upgrade for us. We are extremely pleased with the company, the services are provided. But most importantly the security system. Jack and his team did a really good job of making sure we were aware of everything that we could get for the system and also letting us know this is what you need and if you choose to upgrade later, we’re here for you. We also are excited that we had a garage door opener, um, that they were able to connect to the system. We weren’t even aware of that until they mentioned that to us, the technician that came out to install everything his name is Matthew, was phenomenal. He was patient with us. He was very attentive to all the details that we needed to know regarding the new system. We are extremely pleased and really excited

Tia Birt

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