Video Testimonial

We feel safer in our home

This is a very happy, Securimax customer from the Austin, Texas, area. I’ve known the owners of the company for a little over a year now. They are the best, most wonderful, genuinely nice and caring people, extremely professional, and they know how to run their business. We have had their alarm system in our new home for about six months. Now we’ve installed equipment in a few different phases, and every time we wanted to add something it has been so easy to add it. They’ve installed it right away, and it runs beautifully. We have pretty much everything they have to offer. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that we feel a lot safer In our home, and it’s also wonderful knowing if we need something there, just a phone call away and when I call, a real person picks up the phone and not a robot. I cannot say enough amazing things about Securimax. If you need home security. 100% don’t go anywhere else. Give them a call. They are the best!

Rob S.
Austin, TX

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